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At Radar live, we prioritize the principles of journalism, including accuracy, objectivity, and fairness. Our dedicated team of experienced journalists and writers is committed to delivering news that is thoroughly researched, verified, and presented in an unbiased manner. We strive to provide a platform where readers can access trustworthy information that serves as a foundation for informed decision-making.

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As a news portal based in Maharashtra, India, we understand the importance of local news and its impact on our readers. We provide extensive coverage of regional events, politics, culture, and social issues that are of relevance to the people of Maharashtra. Our localized approach allows us to connect with our readers on a deeper level, addressing their unique concerns and highlighting the achievements and challenges of our local communities.

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प्रमोद परदेशी, उपसंपादक तथा जळगाव पश्चिम विभाग प्रमुख
रोहीत पाटील, वार्ताहर, किनगाव, ता. यावल
शुभम जाधव, जळगाव जिल्हा प्रतिनिधी
रवींद्र सोनवणे, वार्ताहर, नगरदेवळा, तालुका पाचोरा
नरेश भोई, वार्ताहर, पाळधी, ता. धरणगाव
मुस्तकीम बागवान, वार्ताहर रवंजे बु., तालुका एरंडोल
मुकेश आहिरे, उपसंपादक